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Microsoft needs to go fsck itself to help Linux strategy

From: 7
Subject: Microsoft needs to go fsck itself to help Linux strategy
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 19:59:20 GMT
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Rjack wrote:

> W

Microsoft needs to go fsck itself to help Linux strategy.

Whoooop! Whoooop! Whoooop! Micoshaft is sinking!!

Every man woman and chair throwing persons JUMP SHIP!!!
Excuse us, but WINTROLLS and Asstroturfers FIRST!

And if they don't jump, then throw them overboard!!!

Google now 67% size of micoshaft and continues to grow!!!

So do all Linux companies in a recession!!!


Wintrolls and their opinions are worthless.
Governments and businesses should listen to Google and Linux
companies if they want economics advise on how to
make growth happen because they are the growth companies
in the recession.

Asstroturfing for micoshaft corporation has never been such
a pissy joke of job. No one in government should pay
any attention to micoshaft asstroturfers or do deals
with micoshaft marketing criminals. Leverage Linux and
crack the whip to get them out of your businesses.
Escort all Micoshaft sales off your premises if they don't
sign your NDA and agree not to file reports to management because this this
is what they do behind your backs after sales meetings...

All here PX09280.pdf 

All in plain English how they abused Linux engineers and their opinions by
getting at their management by threatening not to train techies, threatening
to block del sales staff from sales meetings, denying further investment,
and denying web content. Del management abused Linux engineers and managers
back in 2002 on orders from micoshaft to eliminate 
Linux from their portfolio, lied to investors about Linux uptake and
then ran Del to the ground by missing all the opportunities
from 2002. Now companies like Ausus make more money from Linux PCs than Del.
Del investors and the public have ALL been misled about Linux ALL this time.

All the while Linux has grown.
3 million+ embedded Linux gadgets PER DAY being sold.
>From flat TVs to MP3/MP4?MP5 players, Linux is everywhere.
Whether its IP webcams, digital photoframes, routers,
DVD players or set top boxes, its all Linux.
The electronics high street market would not exist today
if it were not for Linux.
All the retailers should be totaling up everything that
has Linux inside it as Linux based revenue and leverage that
to push out micoshaft products that don't make money.
And then change all the PCs to Linux and OpenOffice so that
staff are more tuned to Linux and on how to serve the 3 million+ 
buying public better. And then send all the product managers
packing to the Far East and tell them to specify more
Linux products with more features.
You want a camera flash disk player that can also
record TV and have TV tuner? No problem - with Linux
you just have to specify - someone will make it for you!
The quicker you specify and get it to market, the more
pile you make. And Linux has made more money for retailers
than all of micoshaft and appil combined.

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