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BOF Gnu and Debian

From: Juan Antonio Añel Cabanelas
Subject: BOF Gnu and Debian
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 19:33:27 +0200

Hi everybody,

the next weekend I will be attending the DudesConf (,
a kind of DebConf but in Spain and most of the people attending are the
Debian crew in Spain.

I will be speaking about GNU and Debian. It is a BOF talk entitled: "GNU
and Debian: coincidences, rifts, common interests".

I would thank any feedback from anybody about concerns, ideas, legal
issues or possible subjects to discuss and to share with the people from
Debian attending the meeting.

The goal is to obtain a good feedback for Debian and GNU about what
things are wrong, right or can be improved in opinion of maintainers,
developers, hackers, legal teams and people collaborating with both
projects. Suggestions about all kind of subjects are accepted: technical
philosophical, legal, ...

Please, email me with any subject, idea, information,... After the
DudesConf I will try to send you the feedback and comments about the
issues that you point out.

Thank you very much.
Juan Antonio Añel Cabanelas
GNU Spain

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