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Decompiling gcc binaries

From: JM
Subject: Decompiling gcc binaries
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 11:10:20 -0700 (PDT)
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I admit to not knowing much about this sort of thing and this may be
way off base.

Is there a way of efficiently packing hints into an executable made by
gcc about the high level language source code? Not a replica of the
source but just sufficient information to give someone who really
wanted to reverse engineer it the opportunity to do so. I'm not
talking about disassembly but about decompiling to get useable C back
from the executable or library.

I imagine it would likely increase the size of the executable but
people who already make the source available (ie linux) could be given
some kind of key to disable the embedding. Everyone else is then
forced to accept that by using gcc it would theoretically be possible
to reverse engineer their code in a reasonable amount of time.

Just a thought - and go easy on the flames I'm no comp. sci. I suppose
what really irks me is having to use binaries developed using gcc
where it is just going to be too much hassle and time to get the
author to send me the source code even if they are obliged to share or
not. So I suppose a 2nd question: is it possible to decompile a gcc
executable? The one I have happens to be unstripped. Will this help?


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