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Re: How do Free software developers get money?

From: mike3
Subject: Re: How do Free software developers get money?
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 14:15:06 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 3, 3:03 pm, Miles Bader <> wrote:
> "Alfred M. Szmidt" <> writes:
> >    Yes, I want the questions taken seriously, since I want a real and
> >    understandable answer so I can put the questions to bed, I want to
> >    learn!
> > The best way is not to ask questions, but to find them yourself.
> It also helps to not ignore the answers people gave you (mike3) the
> first 50 times you asked the same question...

I guess so, but where did I ask about the development of proprietary
software as a free software developer's job? If I had really asked it
before, I wouldn't have asked it again. I can't remember this and it
help greatly if you would point out where I asked this specific
question so much, as if I did I'll review the answers I got and dro
this thread if they all make sense to me.

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