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Re: How do Free software developers get money?

From: mike3
Subject: Re: How do Free software developers get money?
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008 20:33:52 GMT
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David Kastrup wrote:
mike3 <> writes:

David Kastrup wrote:
Going beyond sustainability is not useful in the long run for any goal.
It may be unethical not to donate blood to people in need of it.  But
that does not mean that one is a bad person if one does not let oneself
be drained completely.
No, it doesn't. So you're saying that one does not have to do _nothing
but_ free software, especially if that interferes with other important
things, right?

I am not saying anything of the sort.  The necessity to balance benefits
and harms does not turn one into the other.

Nor does it make it right to cause harm, even if one wants to use
the outcome (money) for benefit. (Ie. ends do not justify means.)

So then was my last guess, one that you never gave a response to,
namely: " the under-discussion creation of the proprietary
software a "necessary evil"..." the right one here?

Anyway, your trolling is becoming unimaginative at the moment: you went
through all this already previously.  Try something more original.

I don't remember going through this, specifically. Could you point
out where I did? As far as I know all I've discussed here is the
GNU License and it's "virality", a topic which all my questions
about _really_ have been answered, and the naming of
GNU/Linux, again, a topic which all my questions about have
_really_ been answered. Unless we glanced over this in some tangent
that I've long forgotten. In that case I'd like to see what it was,
so I can get the answers I crave to increase my understanding.

I really, honestly, am not understanding this as well as I would
like to, and that's why I'm coming here. It's the most unimaginative
"trolling" you've seen, actually, since for one it is not intended
to be trolling -- the intention behind it is an honest one of wanting
understanding, and for another, no imagination entered into it as
I am simply asking questions about the areas where I see the gaps in
my understanding. Could you perhaps explain to me how to do this without
trolling, and if we really did go over it before was it _still_
"trolling" at that time?

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