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Re: Linux is great, but is it cool?

From: ml2mst
Subject: Re: Linux is great, but is it cool?
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 19:43:04 +0100
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Roy Schestowitz schreef:
> ____/ on Tuesday 15 January 2008 17:15 : \____
>> I am not convinced that truly cool things
>> are happening any longer, because I am not
>> seeing barriers being broken through at least
>> in the area of software. Indeed, nor in hardware.
>> Everyone involved in Linux seems to be using
>> a hot-rod system that offers no barriers.
>> Where is the cool?
> Where is the cool in Mac OS? Or in Windows (where is the "Wow")? Are you using
> an operating system to accomplish a task through applications? Or is it more
> like a gaming console that you invite friends over to brag about in the living
> room? Linux just works. It also has lots of fancy eye candy, sound/ear candy
> (PulseAudio) and other 'toys', but few people require them. Where is the cool
> in cars? Are you trying to get to places or are you just pumping up the volume
> and whistling at girls on the pavement?
I'm afraid, here we have yet another astroturfer (all trough I've might
misinterpreted it).

First of all Linus is not a hobbyist. At the time he created Linux, he
was a student in computer science.

Beside that, the use of "hobbyists" in this message is pretty insulting,
since many hobbyists are very well educated, trough "self education".
Such in contrast to the hordes of "clickety click Windrones" that don't
know a piece of shite about computers.

Talented hobbyists flocked to GNU/Linux in the 1990's, simply because
they demand to control their machines, on the other hand, Windows users
are controlled by their Operating System, which is the worst scenario in
the eyes of someone, who actually controlled his or her machines for

"The cool" in GNU/Linux is that it was written by "geeks" for "geeks".

In my point of view "geeks" are people who *love* computers and simply
know how stuff works, ether by official education or self education. The
latter by reading loads of documentation (RTFM) and buying books and
further more on a trial and error based.

"The cool" in GNU/Linux is, that if you screw up, you are the only one
to blame and thus have to educate yourself even more.

"The cool" in GNU/Linux is, that it *actually* is cool and froody and
that (until recently) it was pretty hostile to non geeks.


|_|0|_| Marti T. van Lin

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