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Re: Linux is great, but is it cool?

From: thad05
Subject: Re: Linux is great, but is it cool?
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 13:31:13 -0600
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Hadron <> wrote:
>> In my point of view "geeks" are people who *love* computers and simply
>> know how stuff works, ether by official education or self education. The
>> latter by reading loads of documentation (RTFM) and buying books and
>> further more on a trial and error based.
> No "Geeks" in IT are nervous failures with little if any grasp of how
> technology and the tools are used to produce practical, usable SW which
> people want.

Sorry, I have to go with the first definition.  I've always taken
geek to mean someone who is very enthusiastic about some sort of
technical or academic persuit.  Computer geeks are the typical
example but you can also have astronomy geeks or even poetry geeks.
Some people assume a geek is someone with no social skills, but I
think 'nerd' is the more appropriate description in that case
(and yes, you can be both).

Of course we could both be wrong.  I've also heard it said that a
geek is someone who eats lightbulbs.  :)

Yeah, I drank the Open Source cool-aid... Unlike the other brand, it had
all the ingredients on the label.

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