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Re: GPL Mere Aggregation question

From: John Hasler
Subject: Re: GPL Mere Aggregation question
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 18:06:12 -0600
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avesty writes:
> I like the idea of the GPL and what it stands for, just not this apparent
> openness to 'interpretation'.

Then you won't like any legal document of any kind.

> It seems there should be definitive defendable answers to questions like
> the ones I have...
> ...
> That's the other reason I asked if there were lawyers that specialize
> in this sort of thing...

If you expect a definitive defendable answer from a lawyer you are going to
be disappointed.  Why don't you ask the author of the GPL software?  Get
written permission from him and you are safe no matter what.  What software
is it?
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI USA

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