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Re: GPL question

From: n . torrey . pines
Subject: Re: GPL question
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 03:02:21 -0000
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On Oct 10, 5:44 pm, Mike Cox <> wrote:
> I am currently developing a closed source application that
> is going to be used on Linux and Solaris. Question is,
> (1) Can I dynamically link my application with free libraries
> already present on the target system, even if they're GPL'ed?
> (specifically, libbfd, part of binutils, I believe; and gdbm)
> (2) If a required GPL library is missing on the user's system,
> can I include a copy of this library in my software distribution?


I am not a lawyer, so I can only offer a "common sense" opinion:

When you choose dynamic linking, you are not including the library,
but only its interface in your product. The users of your product may
or may not opt to use it with the library in question.

Thus, the only claim the library author may have is to the part of the
interface you included. If the interface is not owned by him, the
library author can not dictate what conditions you distribute your
product under.

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