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Re: how much is too much?

From: Per Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: how much is too much?
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 18:51:48 +0200
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David Kastrup <> writes:

> Per Abrahamsen <> writes:
>> Chad Whitacre <> writes:
>>> I'm trying to determine what the threshold is in terms of lines of code 
>>> I can copy/paste from GPL software before coming under the GPL myself.
>>> Is this issue spelled out anywhere?
>> It depends on local interpretation of copyright law.  
>> The FSF use 10 normal lines as a very rough guideline for accepting
>> patches without explicit copyright assignment.  This doesn't mean
>> that 10 lines is the law, but that the FSF themselves are unlikely
>> to sue over such trivial code pieces.
> Uh, no.  

Uh, yes.

> That means that the FSF themselves believe that they are
> unlikely to get sued over such trivial code pieces.  

Yes.  And if they don't believe others will be able to successfully
sue them over such trivial code pieces, they are not likely to believe
they themselves will be able to successfully sue others over the same.

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