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Microsoft & Intel get massive tax breaks

From: Yibbels
Subject: Microsoft & Intel get massive tax breaks
Date: 12 Apr 2005 05:06:18 -0700
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Hello men (and boys),

In case you want to know who you're up against, for those of you who
position yourself in opposition to Microsoft, the following link
provides you with factual examples of how corporations are benefitting
due to the ongoing merger of government and corporations in the USA.

In particular between 2001 and 2003, Microsoft not only didn't pay
the legislated corporate tax rate of 35%, but in fact got a tax refund
of $4.6 billion. You will not hear any mention of this in the US media
of course: it's imperative that US taxpayers not learn they're getting

Also, when you hear about massive corporate mergers in the US media,
check this list to get an idea of how much of the buyout US taxpayers
paid for. Several recent $10+ billion buyouts were effectively funded
by US taxpayers who as usual had no idea, yet US politicians did and
made it all possible.


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