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Re: Microsoft & Intel get massive tax breaks

From: Yibbels
Subject: Re: Microsoft & Intel get massive tax breaks
Date: 12 Apr 2005 07:46:44 -0700
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>So many small businesses in this country fail within the first couple
years, not because they aren't successful and do well, but because of
ridiculous taxes that are extorted from them.

Yes. Many people complain about taxes. However in the USA
there is a fine point that many don't understand, and that is
that there are really two opposing camps complaining about taxes
that often nevertheless are aligned :

1. people who call themselves libertarians, which is a term
that only in North America is means what others call Classic Liberal.
This is the crowd that only considers the interests of business
and usually that is Big Business. People such as Margaret Thatcher,
Reagan, GW Bush etc.

2. small business people, who are oppressed both by
government and by Big Businesses that write the laws
that policians vote for. In international political terminology
these are more often in the "libertarian socialist" camp
but because terminology in the US is so muddled, and
people know so little about politics, they don't know it.


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