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Re: Licensing Fonts

From: Geoffrey Washburn
Subject: Re: Licensing Fonts
Date: 27 Mar 2005 17:08:21 -0800
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Yes, the status of the resulting typeface is somewhat complicated.  My
cursory investigation indicates that typefaces are not protected in the
United States based upon the 1976 Copyright Revision.  However, the
United States has also obligated itself to respect the intellectual
property rights of various other countries under international
treaties.  Therefore, it is plausible that the typeface could be
protected in the United States if is protected by another country.

Regardless, my goals are to protect the "user's rights to use, study,
copy, modify, and redistribute the program" that generates my typeface.
 I am also interested in protecting my trademark claim on the name of
the typeface.  I am not all that concerned about protecting the actual
images generated by my program describing the typeface.

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