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Re: Licensing Fonts

From: Geoffrey Washburn
Subject: Re: Licensing Fonts
Date: 28 Mar 2005 07:39:55 -0800
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> You can enforce your trademark and release a package under the GPL.
> trademark is not an additional restriction as discussed in the GPL
> it has nothing to do with copyright.  Adding a seperate file saying
> "Fooglefont is a registered trademark of Geoffrey Washburn and may
not be
> used without permission" would not make your package incompatible
with the
> GPL.  However, I suggest that you either study up on trademark law
> consult an attorney), give up the trademark, of forget about
attaching it
> to your package.  Trademark law is very different from copyright law.

You do have a good point that perhaps a trademark is not the best or
appropriate way to provide the protection I seek.  I'm mainly
interested in having some way of ensuring that if my fonts are
repackaged by others (say as part of teTeX or MikTeX) that when the
user specifies that they want their document set in Fooglefont, that it
won't be typeset in some unofficial derivative version of Fooglefont.
Maybe I'm just going to need to rely on people to be sensible.

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