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A Modest Proposal for a GNU infrastructure license

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: A Modest Proposal for a GNU infrastructure license
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 00:40:59 -0700 (PDT)

Dear All, 

I am bringing this idea up on gnu.misc.discuss as to
avoid eating up more bandwidth on the dotgnu, gcc and
mono lists where we have had many interesting
discussions about similar topics.

I have a modest proposition :
To create a license for software that only takes GPLed
sourcecode as input and produces GPLed code as output.

Basically, it is to create a licensed persistent
memory  model where all data and functions in whatever
form are treated as if they are in the main memory of
a statically linked executable, even if all types of
neat tricks are used.

More to the point, that the inputs and outputs must be
already be source code (in what ever form)
and that must already be under the GPL (in whatever
form). If documentation is produced, then it would be
under the GPL documentation license. 

It is a bit like a recusive function f(n>1) that does
not solve the base case, and leave the n=1 and n=0 to
a specific other function. 

The GPL is used by many projects to maintain thier

The LGPL is a license that allows for the production
of non-free software. This could be seen as a
right-wing GPL, a RGPL that is a restrictive GPL. 
One that only allows for the production of more free

Because the GPL is so sucessful, there are many
applications that use it. It is now possible to work
only with free software.

I would like to give those who use free software an
advantage over those who don't. 

By making services and software that are only legally
usable by those using free software.

This special type of license will only applies to
software that works on other software, thus 

The inputs and outputs of this meta software of any
form would be limited to free software only.

This of course does not affect the input and output of
the free software once it is compiled, so the used
software is not changed. Only the usage of the GNU
Infrastructure License would be affected.

The GPL is carefully designed to allow users to do
anything with the input and output of the files not to
affected by the license.

Some authors decide to publish a version under GPL for
non-profit usage. I want to go a step further.

My question is if I can publish a software that is for
GNU usage only? That is only licensed for usage in
conjunction with free software, down to the user.

This would then be usable to create an entire range of
services for promoting the usage of the GPL and giving
them and advantage and a incentive over non-free

This would overcome the issues non-free software using
XML, File Systems, XML-RPC, SOAP, Dynamic Linking, and
Web Services for interfacing with GNU software and
going around the GPL. 

This would give an explicit license to a limited set
of powerful interfaces that are for use for only free
software. This would give people who want to
experiment with interfacing to the GCC via dynamic
linkage a legal basic 

Now the protection of the data files are very tricky,
because the data file are sourcecode. 
The best would be to treat all data files as if they
are persistent inside the memory of the GPLed program
and that any usage of them is a derived work.

If a data file is produced derived from source code,
this data file would also be under a special form of
the GPL that prevents it from being used by any non
GNU infrastructure licensed tool.

Of course you wont have the freedom to take away this
protection offered.

This would allow the safe storage of internal data
structures without their usage in non-free software. 

No non-gpled program would not be allowed to use any
of the internal data structures of this program. 
Not to read or write them or process them
electronically. If it is offered as a web service,
only users from free software projects would be
allowed to use the software in conjunction with free

I hope to hear your feedback. 
Best Regards, 


James Michael DuPont

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