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[GNU-linux-libre] porting torbrowser, fsdg questions

From: ng0
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] porting torbrowser, fsdg questions
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:04:31 +0000


I have the intention to package torbrowser for Guix, a project I
contribute to.
I have started to communicate about this with torproject and some other
projects. In obvious licenses it is okay. What is not clear to me, are
the parts which were changed for example in icecat compared to firefox.

Depending on what needs to be removed, we could still use the torbrowser
theme and everything connected to it[0]. I just have no idea where to start
sorting out items which might conflict with

The obvious thing is, we do not want to encourage the use of the Mozilla
Addon Service (or anything * Actually we can move all the
applicable, fitting addons into Guix packages, at least someone
started working on this for the Guix packaged icecat.
What else? If Torproject allows us to use their trademarks,
firefox/mozilla trademarks are still off the table, that's clear.

What I do not need help with or advice on are issues with the actual packaging
process or issues beyond the application etc, that's up to myself,
torproject, and I know what issues can arise and need to be investigated
or pointed out (for example that it's not an official build but an
replica of what torbrowser developers do).

0: That's why I'm asking you, so that I can continue communicating about
this with torproject.

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