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[Gnoppix-devel] Gnopernicus

From: Gilles Casse
Subject: [Gnoppix-devel] Gnopernicus
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 15:54:40 +0200


I am involved in Oralux, an audio distro for the vision impaired persons, the 
environment is text-based at the moment. 
I recently tried Gnoppix 0.8 and was pleased to find Gnome 2.6 and Gnopernicus. 

Here is my feedback. 
Would you want to propose for example an option in the boot menu to let people 
start Gnome with Gnopernicus? 
The audio volume was set to 0 by default, as I am sighted I changed the volume 
using aumix. Would it be possible to have a medium value by default?
BRLTTY which includes a number of braille drivers is not included in the 
Gnoppix CD, whereas for example, it is embedded in Knoppix. Could you please 
include the brltty debian package?




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