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[Gnoppix-devel] Suggestions

From: guzzi333
Subject: [Gnoppix-devel] Suggestions
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 23:43:54 +0200 (CEST)

Thx for making gnoppix 0.8. Really good that you use grub for configuring the 
options at startup and then having a bootsplash. Looks far more professional 
then knoppix ;)

Feel free to ignore this, but in my opinion it would make gnoppix an even 
better distro, if you would do the following.

* There are currently 6 web browsers in gnoppix: links, lynx, epiphany, 
firefox, galeon and mozilla. My personal choice would be to only keep firefox 
but since gnoppix is a gnome live cd I could imagine you would also keep 
BTW the first time firefox runs it asks to migrate a profile, which obvisually 
is not there. So it might be good already to run firefox before you make the 
live-cd so that a profile already exists

* Please add rhythmbox music player and totem video player instead of xmms and 
mplayer. Rhythmbox and Totem are gnome applications which use the gstreamer 
framework. The other two are non gnome apps

* Remove K3B it's a KDE app and you can already burn CD's with nautilus in 
gnome. Furthermore there is also xcdroast and also I do not really see that 
people running the live CD would have a use to burn CDs. I would personally not 
put any KDE apps on this CD.

* Please use a more conservative desktop theme. The current theme is also not 
even complete.
For example if you use the gnome icon set and the indubstrial controls and 
window borders it will look far more professional. And people will get a more 
familiar gnome experience.

* Add some applications (browser, email, gaim, music player) to the gnome panel 
and remove them from the desktop. I think it would be better to put some 
folders like . Music, Documents, Video, Downloads on the desktop. It would be 
nice if these also contained some files. So that you can see how the apps work

* Add a document (html or so) to the desktop which explains some stuff about 
gnoppix: how to become root, how to install it on your harddisk, how to 
configure your network card/WLAN etc.

* Add xchat Currently there is no IRC client

* gnome-volume-manager would be a nice addition for the next version.

Hope I said something useful

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