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Re: German "Umlaute" in and SMSD ( Ungültiges ode r unvollständiges Mu

From: Axel Gruber
Subject: Re: German "Umlaute" in and SMSD ( Ungültiges ode r unvollständiges Multi-Byte- oder Wide-Zeichen)
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 17:06:20 +0100

that doesn't tell us what you are running
please show the output of smsd --version

address@hidden:~# /usr/local/bin/smsd --version
smsd - Version 1.5.2 aus gnokii 0.6.31
Copyright  Jan Derfinak 1999-2011

the fact that you aren't able to paste Umlaut in the email looks like
a misconfiguration on you system

Yes - i think so - the tests are on a Debian Machine using a win client and putty to connect via SSH.
are you able to send the same SMS with gnokii --sendsms? If so then

Just tryed it - same problem:

Bitte geben Sie den Nachrichtentext ein. Beendes Sie die Eingabe mit: <cr><Strg-D>:
ucs2_encode/iconv: Ungültiges oder unvollständiges Multi-Byte- oder Wide-Zeichen
Senden mit Referenz 37 erfolgreich!

Is there anything i can do at the Debian side to solve this problem ?

Best Regards
Axel Gruber

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