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Re: Is the Nokia 1209 supported by gnokii?

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Is the Nokia 1209 supported by gnokii?
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 15:57:48 +0200

2010/6/18 Martin Klaiber:

> I want to read SMS stored inside a Nokia 1209.

I'm sorry the only things we know about the Nokia 1029 thanks to a
gnokii user are in common/misc:

{"1209",  "RH-105",     PM_OLD_DEFAULT }, /* Series 30, phone supports a
very limited command set */

> In www I find contradictory information about the chance to communicate
> with the phone.  Some sites say the easy-flash-connnector is only good
> for flashing these phones.  Other say, with the right cable and proper
> software it is possible to communicate with the phone like with others,
> i.e. read SMS, and so on.

does the 1209 store SMS in memory or only in SIM?
We don't know the commands for flashing, but if there is also a read
command and the SMS are stored in a memory area that can be read, then
in theory you can decode them for --getsms IMHO it's not worth the
hassle for just one model, but if you can legally implement this we
accept patches.

> The latter sites say, the problem might be
> just a newer fbus-protocol in the Nokia 1209.

a fact is that Nokia PC Suite doesn't support the 1209, it might be
because it doesn't implement the needed FBUS commands or because Nokia
just decided not to support it.

Daniele Forsi

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