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gnapplet: overcoming dlltool dependency?

From: Lukáš Petrovický
Subject: gnapplet: overcoming dlltool dependency?
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 17:19:34 +0100


During the course of today I have been trying to make gnapplet
functional under Symbian S60 3rd edition phones. 

I managed to get the source code to compile (using just a really small
patch) with the current stable Nokia SDKs, but I haven't been able to
produce a .sis file - the Makefile needs a program called dlltool, which
I wasn't able to find neither in Linux nor in Windows version of the
CodeSourcery GCC required to compile software for ARM.

Could anyone please lead me out of the dark on how to create the .sis
file when there's no dlltool available? Or perhaps... how to get the
dlltool when various GCC distributions (like the one in Ubuntu I'm using
or the CodeSourcery's one)  don't seem to include it?

Without this, I can't really test if my patch fixes gnapplet on S60 3rd
edition. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Lukáš Petrovický,

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