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Announcement: new beta version of Gnocky is out

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Announcement: new beta version of Gnocky is out
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 19:42:59 +0200
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Gnocky is a GUI application similar to Xgnokii but much leaner and built from 
the beginning using GTK+2 and Glade.

With Gnocky you can
* check your phone info (model, IMEI, signal strength, battery level)
* edit your phonebook (double click the entry you wish to edit, the "New" 
button isn't functional)
* read and send short messages
* edit logos (if supported by the phone)
Current version is identical to the screenshots have been available for some 
time at

Today, with the consent of the author Igor Popik, Gnocky has been integrated 
into gnokii CVS repository at and a new beta version 
is available for you to download from CVS and try.

Main changes from the previous version concern
* compatibility with current libgnokii version (0.6.16) and possibly with 
older versions since 0.6.13 (but this is neither tested nor supported -- only 
the latest libgnokii version has been tested and is supported, future versions 
will be supported too)
* compatibility with phones that store SMS in "SM" memory (mainly the generic, 
non-Nokia, AT phones); it has been tested with nk6100, nk6510 and AT drivers

Known limitations:
* edits in the preferences windows are ignored
* new phonebook entries can't be added


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