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Re: dku2 driver and access!

From: Roberto Verzola
Subject: Re: dku2 driver and access!
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 07:51:22 +0800
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I have a working gnokii setup (0.6.10) with a serial cable and a 6210. Will 
this same setup (with some .gnokiirc changes of course) work with phones 
using the DKU-5 cable, or do I need to recompile, as what the post below 
seems to imply? I had earlier tried a Nokia 3120 and DKU-5 with my setup and 
it couldn't seem to establish communications with the unit, so I gave up.


On Tuesday 14 November 2006 3:36 am, andrew teo wrote:
> hi everyone!
> has anyone managed to install the gnokii nokia dku2 driver?
> in fedora 5, I have built the kernel sources (2.6.18-1.2239).
> However, when I try to make it, this is the error:
> address@hidden kernel_2.6]# make
> make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/kernels/2.6.18-1.2239.fc5-i686'
>   CC [M] 
> /root/Desktop/Gnokii/gnokii-0.6.14/patches/kernel_2.6/nokia_dku2.o In file
> included from
> /root/Desktop/Gnokii/gnokii-0.6.14/patches/kernel_2.6/nokia_dku2.c:24:
> include/linux/config.h:6:2: warning: #warning Including config.h is
> deprecated.
> /root/Desktop/Gnokii/gnokii-0.6.14/patches/kernel_2.6/nokia_dku2.c:42:24:
> error: usb-serial.h: No such file or directory
> I read somewhere that the usb-serial.h is not in the kernel header files
> (kernel-devel)
> Is this true? How can I fix this?
> Also, is it possible to access nokia phones eg the nokia 6100 without the
> dku2 driver?
> I notice that when I plug in my DKU2 cable (original from Nokia) together
> with my N6100, it is not recognised. Nothing new shows up when I use lsusb.
> Since there is no port assigned to it, I cannot access it using ttyACM or
> ttyUSB.
> Can someone also tell me the use of the dku2libusb?
> Many qns and days of searching. Pls help!

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