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Re: dku2 driver and access!

From: andrew teo
Subject: Re: dku2 driver and access!
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 08:23:21 -0800 (PST)

> See:
> and
> (at the page bottom)
> I am afraid you need pl2303 based cable to make sure it works with Linux.
Thx for the quick reply!

I have looked at the first link. It says:

The CA-42 runs the standard usb-to-serial protocol (usbcdc). Thus the
usbserial driver can be used. Before plugging the cable use the insmod to
bind the usbserial driver to the cable: insmod usbserial vendor=0x0421
product=0x0802. As soon as you plug in the cable a /dev/ttyUSBX node should
be created.

But when I type insmod usbserial, I am told there is no such file or

I am green to Linux. Do I need to type the command line in a special
directory? Or maybe I do not have the usbserial driver? I am using Fedora
Core 5. Is it included? If not, where can I get it?

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