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Re: 6810 bluetooth passcode

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: 6810 bluetooth passcode
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 17:25:51 +0200 (CEST)

On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, Duncan Ferguson wrote:

I am trying to pair my nokia 6810 with gnokii 0.6.7 on my Fedora Code 4 system with a Gigabyte USB II bluetooth key. gnokii --identify works, so it seems by .gnokiirc file is correct, but my phone is asking for a passcode, which I cannot find mentioned in any docs on gnokii or in a google website search. Also, debug doesnt mention any of the comms i would have expected it to at this stage.

This is bluetooth issue. In your bluetooth config you should have bluepin path. Standard location is /bin/bluepin. You need to enter the same code, that bluepin is returning.

take care,
p k o t a t b e z s e n s u d o t p l

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