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6810 bluetooth passcode

From: Duncan Ferguson
Subject: 6810 bluetooth passcode
Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 14:03:31 +0100
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I am trying to pair my nokia 6810 with gnokii 0.6.7 on my Fedora Code 4 system with a Gigabyte USB II bluetooth key. gnokii --identify works, so it seems by .gnokiirc file is correct, but my phone is asking for a passcode, which I cannot find mentioned in any docs on gnokii or in a google website search. Also, debug doesnt mention any of the comms i would have expected it to at this stage.

Am i correct in thinking that when the phone asks for a passcode it should be set up at the gnokii/desktop end somehow? If so, how? I have tried with "0000" and "1234" but i just keep getting "bluetooth connection failed".

Any help appreciated.  Thanks.


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