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Re: Gnokki and Nokia 1100

From: Sleem
Subject: Re: Gnokki and Nokia 1100
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 12:50:41 +0000
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Don't forget to enable the debug output and send us the output.

Here are the outputs for "gnokii --identify" and "gnokii --dialvoice 115" :

Have you got any software (e.g. the nokia one) which supports your phone?
In this case you can create protocol dumps which helps us implementing
the missing functionality.
It seems that "Oxygen Phone Manager" (on Windows) supports the Nokia 1100, but the fact is that I was unable to make it work with it at that time... I'm going to try again so we can get more information about the protocol used through dumping, though I'm begginner in this :)
Also to note : approximately all the sms commands timeouts.
It is hard to believe that the 1100 protocol is completely different from all the others already implented in Gnokii, and I'm ready to work hard to get it work. I'm going to post in the ml everytime I get new elements. Any kind of help is of course always welcome :)


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