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Re: QT GUI for gnokii and more

From: Gints Polis
Subject: Re: QT GUI for gnokii and more
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 09:32:40 +0300
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I would like to say that gnokii is used also in small PDA. Where gui could be very different. So deviding gui is very important step for us.

(DBUS could be right way)


Pawel Kot wrote:

Hi Pavel,

On 6/6/05, Pavel Machek <address@hidden> wrote:

is there some new documentation concerning libgnokii API or is
still necessary to work through all documentation of gnokii?
I'm afraid no new documentation was created recently. But see below.
Actually I believe that libgnokii is readable enough...

Yes, but there are some quirks how to do the initialization and such.
Writing a new app gives me some clues that not everything is clear ;-)

To be honest I am considering wheather to use libgnokii or
support only AT compatible phones.
If you have any suggestions and/or advices about making GUI for
libgnokii please let me know.
I would advice to make it two layer -- a daemon that communicates with
the phone and the GUI itself. They should communicate with each other
using some well known protocol (DBUS?). That will allow also other
applications (like Kontact, that would need patching in such case) to
communicate with the phone at the same time.
Definitely good idea, and really needed. More than one application
needs to access the phone...

Yes, that's something I was thinking about for already some time.

Question is what should be interface between the daemon and rest of
the world... AT interface is common but really ugly. Custom
command-line? Some RPC uglyness?

I definitely don't want AT interface. And I'm thinking about something
RPC-based. I'm trying out DCOP (which is rather kde only) and DBUS. I
like both in fact. And I think it may be a daemon with multiple
communication plugins, so it may be fairly easy to extend it with the
new plugin.

And both dbus and dcop seem to have also a command line interface. And
it looks cool to me.

Any other suggestions for the interface?

I already have the gnokii related core, now sitting on the dcop side
trying to prepare something that would receive and send messages. Hope
to send sms soon ;-)

take care,

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