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Re: QT GUI for gnokii and more

From: Pavel Machek
Subject: Re: QT GUI for gnokii and more
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 23:35:40 +0200
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> > I would advice to make it two layer -- a daemon that communicates with
> > the phone and the GUI itself. They should communicate with each other
> > using some well known protocol (DBUS?). That will allow also other
> > applications (like Kontact, that would need patching in such case) to
> > communicate with the phone at the same time.
> The standalone gnokii daemon is a good idea. The current API is a little
> obsoleted, but the standalone daemon gives us a chance to redesign our
> API to fit modern needs: extending phonebook with picture and voice dial
> support, implement a modern ringtone API (most of the phones are filesystem
> based now), etc. The new API must be designed from top-down. If we do it
> right, the daemon will be the glue layer between the modern and the
> current (low level) API.

That would be great; what API would you prefer? Cmdline? AT? RPC?


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