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Re: Nokia 6670/ Mandriva LE 2005

From: Matthew Kay
Subject: Re: Nokia 6670/ Mandriva LE 2005
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 13:55:25 +0100


All your questions resolve broadly around one thing you're missing,
which is the bluez stack. Make sure you have bluez installed - there are
various packages about. You can use a program like gnome-bluetooth by
Edd Dumbill to manage bluetooth transfer; one part of this is
gnome-obex-server, which you can run on the background on your laptop.
On an IBM laptop, ensure you have the bluetooth light lit up, by
pressing Fn+F5. To go the other way, you can use gnome-obex-send.

There is no 'sync' mechanism for images, but you can transfer them one
by one using obex.

Hope that helps - go and do some research on bluez for your
distribution, there should be some helpful packages.


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