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RE: smsd doesn't work with Siemens MC35?

From: Andrija Petrovic
Subject: RE: smsd doesn't work with Siemens MC35?
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 16:09:49 +0100

Well, I've tried to issue this command using the startup_script, but I get

child script failure: normal exit, exit code = 3
I'm not sure if missed something, but here's the script:

#! /usr/sbin/chat -vEf

So, I believe that perhaps it should be best to issue this command directly
from code on initialization.
If the ME memory were empty, program would get a lag of about 35 seconds.
On further program restarts, the ME memory is already full, so no lag will


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Subject: RE: smsd doesn't work with Siemens MC35?

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, Andrija Petrovic wrote:

> I found a workaround:
> issue an AT+CPMS "SM", "SM", "SM"
> command.
> It takes about 35 seconds for the MC35 to fill up its ME memory with dummy
> messages, so it will be full from now on.
> Now all incoming messages (routed or not) will be stored in the SM memory,
> and smsd will pick them up.

Perhaps, we should patch gnokii/smsd to do this? Do you need to issue this
command after each phone reboot? We should do this in initialization phase
or at any other point.


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