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RE: gnokii on a usb-irda device?

From: Piccoli, Lucio
Subject: RE: gnokii on a usb-irda device?
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 08:34:48 +1000

> > OK I have all the alias in the modprobe.conf as per the above
> article.
> >
> > > As irattach is not running gnokii is unable to
> > > connect to the phone.
> >
> > # irattach irda0 -s
> >
> > Returns no errors but I still cannot access the /dev/ircomm0 device
> > through minicom or gnokii.
> This is kinda strange.I have just bought sigmatel usb dongle
> to test gnokii irda connection (my sms-ircc doesn't work
> undel linux) and found that as it works with Nokia 6210,
> it doesn't work with Nokia 6310(i). When I enable debug
> I got lots of crc errors in connection. So I think this is
> a driver issue, but I didn't investigate it deeply.

I solved the problem by ensuring the usbfs was mounted

mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb


It seems to activate the usbcore which I had compiled into kernel.
Everything now seems to work! I just love this magic ;-))


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