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Re: Patch for xgnokii_sms.c, add function Save SMS to mailbox

From: Ulrich Hopp
Subject: Re: Patch for xgnokii_sms.c, add function Save SMS to mailbox
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 20:25:55 +0100
User-agent: KMail/1.4.3

Hi Pawel,

> Uli, as far I can see this patch completly deprecates
> mailbox path from the xgnokii config. Am I right?
sorry, I'm not a native English speaker and may be I'm getting you wrong. ( I 
don't know the meaning of deprecate in this context)
So I think the best way is to describe how it *should* work:

If you click on the icon "SaveToMailbox" the dialog window is opened and you 
get the mailbox and mailbox file which was stored in the xgnokii config file 
as suggestion. (every time you open this dialog)
So for the users who like the old behavior it is only one click more ( just on 
the ok-button)

> If so, I don't think it is the best idea.

> I didn't have time to test it at all, but I'd like to
> leave the possibility to save SMS to the mailbox
> without an extra dialog asking where to save it.

could be easily done. 
Should I create an extra dialog option in the SMS window like "Save to file" 
or use the already existing entry "Save", which has AFAIK no function yet ?

Should  the option be in the New SMS window ( as the entry "Save" ) ?

Which filename should be suggested when opening the dialog window :

a) the last chosen path+filename, if no one exists only the path mailbox 
directory (stored in xgnokii) without any filename
b) no filename at all

 if a) should the last stored path+filename be stored permanently in the 
xgnokii file ?

Many decisions to make ;-) That's one reason why I hate to program such things 


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