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Re: Patch for xgnokii_sms.c, add function Save SMS to mailbox

From: Ulrich Hopp
Subject: Re: Patch for xgnokii_sms.c, add function Save SMS to mailbox
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 21:48:46 +0100
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Hi Jan,
> In the time when I created this dialog, the function for uploading sms to
> phone did not exist. I think that now it is possible, but somebody wrote
> that it is dangerous. Can anybody confirm this?
Markus Plail wrote that it was dangerous while the driver nk6510.c was 
developed. He had to send his phone even one time to the Nokia service 
because it got damaged by a malformed SMS. You 'll be asked explicitly on the 
command line if you want to save a SMS to the phone if you use the nk6510 
driver. May be it is save now but I don't want to test it ;-) 
> > Should  the option be in the New SMS window ( as the entry "Save" ) ?
> I think no.
> > Which filename should be suggested when opening the dialog window :
> >
> > a) the last chosen path+filename, if no one exists only the path mailbox
> > directory (stored in xgnokii) without any filename
> > b) no filename at all
> The last chosen path+filename. If no one exists, the filename stored in
> xgnokiirc.
> >  if a) should the last stored path+filename be stored permanently in the
> > xgnokii file ?
> No.

here comes the patch. As usual, please test and apply if its okay and if you 
like it.

regards Uli

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