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Re: Java upload

From: Bertrik Sikken
Subject: Re: Java upload
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 18:27:21 +0100
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Flemming Frandsen wrote:

Krishna Dagli wrote:

What software do people use to sniff the traffic to/from the phone under


Uh, will that log the traffic to and from the Nokia 3410 in such a way that it is usable to RE the protocol?

Yes, it will probably. I used it before and it helps a lot
(Sysinternals has a couple of other great utilities by the way)
An issue could be the amount of log lines to wade through, but there's
no doubt that you could write some perl to make it more readable.

Do you know whether it is possible to do a java upload _at all_ with the 3410?
Do you have some software running under windows that does this already?
I have a 3410 too and this sounds interesting. I could help you analyse the

Kind regards,

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