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Re: SMSD...

From: Tijmen Stam
Subject: Re: SMSD...
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 09:47:40 +0100

dirk wrote:

> Yea.. I had to sent christmas greetings to all our clients who's cell numbers
> we do have. It could have been wors..  In total we have aprox 1 miljeon
> active clients, and only 35 000 has a valid cell number.. or let me rather
> say those are the ones we cell information for..

Aha... Great Fun...

> Now that all the sms's are out, I need to recap and create a more smooth
> procedure to allow for birthday.. and other messages to be sent as soon as
> they occur on our system, wich should be easy regarding the fact that my
> backend database is postgresql and I only need a couple of inserts..

Test it thouroughly! Nothing so bad as getting an birthday email not on your

We have a website with a birthday calender on it, but it gives some problems
with SQL with people born in leap years... (though I don't know much about it, a
friend of mine did that) where someone born on the say 20th of a particular
month in a leap year would appear before someone born on the 19th of that month
in a non-leap year...

BTW to see that timing is important: A friend of mine called me the other day if
I could some groceries for him as he was returning from a holiday and all shops
would be closed by when he ariived in town. I looked up his train yourney and
sent him a welcome SMS (with an office phone so he wouldn't recognize my
number) saying "Welcome at Maastricht station. You can pick up your groceries at
..." at the exact moment his train rolled into the station. He was so surprized
about how this could be done ;-)


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