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setspeeddial & nokia 6310i

From: martin kraegeloh
Subject: setspeeddial & nokia 6310i
Date: Thu, 02 Jan 2003 18:58:30 +0100
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I experience the following problem:
I loaded the phonebook ok.
I use "setspeeddial 2 ME 123" to assign the number 2 to entry in slot 123. this seems to work, getspeeddial reports the number, and looking in the phone it also reports the number as being assigned to the correct entry.
however when I try to dial it get a message telling the number is not found.

can anyone comment on this?

thanks, martin

ps for zaurus users: I finished a perl program extracting data from addessbook.xml and writing a file to be used with writephonebook ...

Martin Kraegeloh
Am Alten Pfarrhof 24
84564 Oberbergkirchen
Phone  +49 8637 985806
Mobile +49 171 2458767

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