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Re: [BUGREPORT] xgnokii

From: Paul.Vriens
Subject: Re: [BUGREPORT] xgnokii
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 13:00:47 +0200

Hi Markus,

>>Another point is that the type-text is hard-coded which will not show
>>nice in other languages.
>What do you mean exactly by this? It isn't nice, because it's not
>translated? If yes: I will make the strings translatable soon. Then you
>can just write a nl.po and you will have have nice test ;-)

That's what I meant indeed. I will try and create (hugely modify) the current 
one. Any 
hints how to accomplish this the best(tm) way.
>PS: The two other bugs you sent to the list should be fixed in
>CVS. Please test.

I tested the three of them. Number 1 and 3 are fixed. Good job.

Number 2 is fixed but introduces (or it was already there) another issue:

Edit entry:

- Load the phonebook from within the 'Contacts' window.
- I have one contact (SIM) with a 'General number' The name is too small =
so I want to move this one from SIM to PHONE and change the name.
- Click on PHONE and change the name.
- Click OK
- Use 'save to phone' to put the data into the phone.

If I now read the phone again, the name (long one) is there and it is changed 
to PHONE, but
the number has disappeared.

Another issue I found is that when I create a new entry and fill in some 
details and the press cancel, the name
is not shown in the 'Contacts' window (which is OK) but when I 'save to phone' 
it IS put into the phone ?


Paul Vriens.


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