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Re: [BUGREPORT] xgnokii

From: Markus Plail
Subject: Re: [BUGREPORT] xgnokii
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 12:07:07 +0200
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* Paul Vriens writes:
>I think I found the problem for the strange characters in the Edit
>entry which I reported yesterday.  In the routine inttotype
>(xgnokii_contacts.c) there is no check for anything but 0..9. I do not
>know however what will be the best solution to fix this:

>- Add a -1 check (for nothing selected) and return "Unknown"
>- Add a -1 check and return "General" as being the first in the list
>- Some other rule based on the memory type of the entry (SIM can only
>be General/Unknown AFAIK).

I added 'Unknown' to the list of known types. Should work.

>Another point is that the type-text is hard-coded which will not show
>nice in other languages.

What do you mean exactly by this? It isn't nice, because it's not
translated? If yes: I will make the strings translatable soon. Then you
can just write a nl.po and you will have have nice test ;-)


PS: The two other bugs you sent to the list should be fixed in
CVS. Please test.

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