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Nokia 6310 gnokii 0.4.3: gnokii --getsms doesn't work for me

From: Ulrich Hopp
Subject: Nokia 6310 gnokii 0.4.3: gnokii --getsms doesn't work for me
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 22:29:38 +0200
User-agent: KMail/1.4.1

Hi all !

gnokii : latest version from CVS 0.4.3 (06.08.2002)
Phone : Nokia 6310 V 4.10 04-01-02 NPE-4
Cabel : DLR3-3P

gnokii --getsms SM 1 2     with actually two SMSs in Folder (2) Eingang

gives the result :

Received message type 14
Message: 4 SMS Folders received:
Folder(2) name: Eingang
Folder(3) name: Ausgang
Folder(4) name: Archiv
Folder(5) name: Vorlagen
GetSMS SM 1 failed! (Invalid type of memory.)

Same with  gnokii -deletesms SM 1 2

A detailed logfile is attached.

With xgnokii reading of SMSs is possible but no deleting. The status of the 
SMS doesn't change when it is read.

Anybody successful here ? ( Maybe a Nokia firmware problem ? )


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