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Sending operator logo and pic msg...

From: Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran
Subject: Sending operator logo and pic msg...
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 20:48:11 +0800

Does gnokii support sending of operator logo, picture messages and ringtones
using HEX codes in the SMS body of the message? I know there are certain SMS
providers that support the sending of operator logo and picture messages by
converting the image using a Nokia tool and then sending it via SMS message
to a certain port number -- I can't remember the port number though. I can
get more information if nobody knows what the heck I'm going on about ! :)
Heh -- thanks in advanced.

Warmest regards,

Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran,
Founder/Chief Executive Officer,
Hack In The Box -- Keeping Knowledge Free

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