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connecting to isp via nokia phone to laptop

From: Roger
Subject: connecting to isp via nokia phone to laptop
Date: 05 Aug 2002 19:17:39 -0400

I keep getting a "Check Operator Services" when either using wvdial or
pppd directly. i even tried minicom. (I believe that the command line
responds with a "carrier not detected" but am not sure as i forgot to
scratch it down in my notes.)

>From the info i gathered, it would appear that data (data services or
data line, my service provider is cingular so i'm not sure what they'd
call it.)

Or, I need to tell the pppd to wait for a dailtone?  

unfortunately, i forgot to try gnokiid when i was sitting in a good zone
last evening.  I also have Voice Stream's ISDN phone #. 

However, i can manually dial the isps. 
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