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From: Jonathan Roadley-Battin
Subject: 6210
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 08:03:28 -0500

Recently got the 0.4.1 source and compiled it and did a quick cli test of 
gnokii and everything works fine, however I am lazy and cannot be arsed to pick 
up my fone when I want to send or read a txt message so tried xgnokii 0.4.1. 
The only things I can see that I cannot get working are:

at the front option screen none of the text boxes are editable???

when trying to access the sms page the the gui window becomes unusable (locks 
up) and if I move a window over it and off again it doesn't redraw itself???

Using Windowmaker (with gnome libs installed)
Using via IrDA
How can I get gnokii to work with the dlr3 cable (I can get ppp to work with 

only compilation switch used was --enable-security
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