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Re: Gnokii --keysequence

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Gnokii --keysequence
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 15:53:34 +0200

>>> address@hidden 7 July 2002 05:25:09 >>>
> Could somebody tell me the key for on, off and select menu in
> gnokii --keysequence function? Please tell me more on how to use
> gnokii --keysequence, thank you.

Gnokii is Open Source software. It means that you have the source code 
The source code is the thing that tells you everything how it works.

If you would look into the code, and even only try to search for the 'keypress'
in the sources you would find the following code in less then 30 seconds:
        unsigned char *syms = "0123456789#*PGR+-UDMN";
        GSM_KeyCode keys[] = {GSM_KEY_0, GSM_KEY_1, GSM_KEY_2, GSM_KEY_3,
                              GSM_KEY_4, GSM_KEY_5, GSM_KEY_6, GSM_KEY_7,
                              GSM_KEY_8, GSM_KEY_9, GSM_KEY_HASH,
                              GSM_KEY_ASTERISK, GSM_KEY_POWER, GSM_KEY_GREEN,
                              GSM_KEY_RED, GSM_KEY_INCREASEVOLUME,
                              GSM_KEY_DECREASEVOLUME, GSM_KEY_UP, GSM_KEY_DOWN,
                              GSM_KEY_MENU, GSM_KEY_NAMES};


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