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Re: Gnokii --keysequence

From: Pavel Machek
Subject: Re: Gnokii --keysequence
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 05:41:48 +0200
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> >>> address@hidden 7 July 2002 05:25:09 >>>
> > Could somebody tell me the key for on, off and select menu in
> > gnokii --keysequence function? Please tell me more on how to use
> > gnokii --keysequence, thank you.
> Gnokii is Open Source software. It means that you have the source code 
> available.
> The source code is the thing that tells you everything how it works.
> If you would look into the code, and even only try to search for the 
> 'keypress'
> in the sources you would find the following code in less then 30 seconds:
>       unsigned char *syms = "0123456789#*PGR+-UDMN";
>       GSM_KeyCode keys[] = {GSM_KEY_0, GSM_KEY_1, GSM_KEY_2, GSM_KEY_3,
>                             GSM_KEY_4, GSM_KEY_5, GSM_KEY_6, GSM_KEY_7,
>                             GSM_KEY_8, GSM_KEY_9, GSM_KEY_HASH,
>                             GSM_KEY_ASTERISK, GSM_KEY_POWER, GSM_KEY_GREEN,
>                             GSM_KEY_RED, GSM_KEY_INCREASEVOLUME,
>                             GSM_KEY_DECREASEVOLUME, GSM_KEY_UP, GSM_KEY_DOWN,
>                             GSM_KEY_MENU, GSM_KEY_NAMES};

Added to FAQ. Will commit shortly.
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