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Re: gnokii compile problem

From: Derek Broughton
Subject: Re: gnokii compile problem
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 09:22:06 -0300

> please allow us (the maintainers) to address one problem
> of a user without repeating all similar problem solutions.
> sometimes we _are_ tired and try to reduce our effort to
> the level we think is understandable to the user. i do
> this not to ignore user interaction but with respect to
> the knowledge a user has.

but saying "auto..." is in no way either informative OR understandable to
the average _user_.  It's not even very good shorthand for developers.
You'd have done much better to leave it right out rather than to mislead. If
it's a FAQ, either ignore it or direct the user to the FAQ.

This is not, in any sense, a _user_ list.  It's much more like a developer's
discussion list. The FAQ's terse, and apparently wrong.  There is very
little interest in answering user questions in meaningful ways (to be fair,
it often appears that an attempt _is_ made, but English is not the first
language of many of the people here, and people get hung up on the actual
words rather than the intent - witness both sides of the arguments with
Marcin Wiacek).  When questions are answered, it seems the responder often
doesn't bother to read the full question and simply answers the little bit
that he (thinks) he knows.

OK, so you see I'm a little frustrated...

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