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Re: gnokii compile problem

From: Manfred Jonsson
Subject: Re: gnokii compile problem
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 02:47:07 +0200

Joachim Schröder wrote:
> Hi,
> I attached the log of my try to compile the CVS; can somebody tell me
> what went wrong?
> Please cc: me, since I am not subscribed.

the main makefile doesn't know anything about the 
files in the subdirectories but calls make in the
subdirectories. if make is called with a target,
it uses a default rule. this will fail on a c source
because some options will miss. calling make in a
subdirectory without the needed options will also 

make called without targets in the main gnokii 
directory will work.



for more information on compiling parts of gnokii 
look into the makefiles.

bye manfred

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