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Nokia IrDA under Linux

From: Jean Tourrilhes
Subject: Nokia IrDA under Linux
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 17:35:32 -0700
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Christian Rishoej wrote :
> Hi,
> I just intercepted a complete run of the Nokia Content Copier with my
> Nokia 8310 using the irda_intercept tool from
> I already let Marcin (mygnokii) have it. If any of the gnokii developers
> are interested, please let me know and I'll mail it to you.
> Regards,
> Christian

        I've found this other page which is interesting :
        Maybe you want to add a link to it ;-)

        Also : I've read somewhere that Nokia IrDA protocol was
writen on top of IrLMP (or maybe even over IrLPT).
        In the current Linux-IrDA stack, the IrLPT support gives you
pretty much direct access to the IrLMP layer (with a tty interface -
without IrTTP). So, by minor modifications of the IrCOMM modules (like
adding necessary ioctls), it should be trivial to add support for
GNokii via IrLPT. And you could even add your interceptor code within
        If this is possible, this should fix a lot of problems (like
coexistence and support for serial/USB dongles and other funky
        If you look into that, I'm willing to include the necessary
patches in the kernel.

        Have fun...


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