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RE: FYI: Sending SMS and error 4

From: David Green
Subject: RE: FYI: Sending SMS and error 4
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 09:06:16 +0800 (WST)

Sorry guys, didn't mean to start a war.

I would prefer to continue to use gnokii because (AFAIK) mygnokii2 isn't
available as a debian package (harder to maintain).  I want to use it in
conjunction with netsaint (a network and host monitoring utility) so that
I, and my fellow network administrators receive SMS's the moment something
goes wrong.

All I need to know is if this is a bug in the code, configuration or
hardware so that I can fix it.


David Green
System Administrator,                               Informed Technology
Email: address@hidden                   Phone: +61 8 9380 4244                            Fax  : +61 8 9380 4354

On Mon, 20 May 2002, Marcin Wiacek wrote:

> > <snip lots of reasons why mygnokii(2) is better than gnokii,
> Not not only words, but also facts.
> > which has nothing to do with my comment which was about use
> > of the mailing list>
> You also suggested sending CVS patch, although know my opinion about
> patching it. Was sence in writing it ?
> > Then don't check them - stick to your own.  I'm sure I would 
> > get upset if I read mygnokii ones - but I don't.
> Sure. I should close myself at home, don't see TV, don't use PC, turn
> off phones and don't say, what I think. Always hide... Because my words
> are not thuth, aren't they ?
> > The gnokii developers have discussed 'joining' mygnokii2 and 
> > gnokii.  We decided we didn't want to.  Do we have to go 
> > through it all again?  The problem is that we don't want to
> Things look different, when something is only in dreams and projecting
> and when something is really done.... In first case it was sence to do
> gnokii. In second" three phone modules will be better (I hope) in
> mygnokii2, than in gnokii, only two (the oldest one) won't be. So, maybe
> it's time to "discuss" again ?
> > join the two - I'm sure you believe that this would be the 
> > best thing for users, but we don't.  Can we _please_ agree to 
> > differ on this opinion.
> I didn't create user "David Green" and didn't sent email "SMS problems
> with 5110" with the body contains text, which could mean for me "I'm
> wasting money" (when send more than 1 sms and after first SMS you have
> error 4, the rest is not sent, although should).
> I respect your decision, but I will be rather in silence only, when you
> will do something, what will avoid such emails (please notice, I don't
> answer on each email on list; only for some, which make me very mad). I
> don't see any source (patch) and I don't see will of seeing, how thing
> could be resolved (I don't say, mygnokii2 solution is the best). Of
> course, when will even move mygnokii2 solution, there will be many other
> todo with gnokii. And WHY don't want avoid wasting time by someone
> during making these other todo ? Programmers honour ?
> Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
> -- 
> Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,
> mygnokii mirrors (,
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