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gnokii dialout problems, 6110

From: Nick Andrew
Subject: gnokii dialout problems, 6110
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 01:08:45 +1000
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I've just started attempting to use gnokii again after a 2+ year absence.
Main requirement: dialout from my 6110 and establish a PPP connection.
I haven't been able to do this yet.

        IBM Thinkpad 380ED
        Linux 2.4.17, Debian (latest testing)
        Nokia 6110
        Nokia data cable
        (Nokia data suite version 1.2 for Windoze 95)


Under Win95:

 - Nokia data suite works under windoze, both serial cable connected and
   infrared. Actually I can't establish a PPP connection, but I believe
   that is a fault in Win95 not hardware or connection.

Under Linux:

 - gnokii 0.3.4 "gnokii" command works fine with serial connection

 - gnokii 0.3.4 "gnokii" command works fine with infrared connection
 - Running 0.3.4 gnokiid, PPP is unable to communicate with the pty at
   all. Is thie the bug which was fixed in today's release of 0.3.5 ?

   The same happens for both serial and infrared connections.

   Also, PPP doesn't seem to like being supplied with the name of a
   symlink (/dev/gnokii). I had to hardcode /dev/pts/N into ppp's
   control file /etc/ppp/peers/PEERNAME. I think that mgnokiidev
   should create a device special file as /dev/gnokii, not a symlink
   to it.

 - Running gnokiid 0.4.0pre16 on serial and "minicom" to test the
   modem emulation finds that "AT" commands respond with "OK" until
   I try a dial command, then there is no further response from the
   device, ever, and I have to kill the gnokiid daemon.

 - Running gnokiid 0.4.0pre16 on infrared produced a few lines of
   debug and when I tried to dial out, an unknown packet error.
   At that time, the dialout started and then stopped a few
   seconds later with PPP exiting on signal 2.

 - Later, running gnokiid 0.4.0pre16 on serial was able to reproduce
   a very short dialout as per the previous attempt. Again, PPP
   died soon after "chat" issued the dial command.

Can anybody suggest where I should go from here? AFAIK the hardware
is all configured fine, it seems to be only software issues.

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